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Become a part of our real estate syndication

You may know about real estate investing, but do you know about real estate syndications? BA Capital is a local real estate syndication located in Houston, TX. We work with multiple different investors when purchasing and flipping homes. You'll invest with us, we'll do all the work, and then you'll get a percentage of the profits. We aim for a 16-18% annualized return on investment.

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Know what you're getting into

We're a team of experienced investors and construction managers. Our goal is to purchase properties with the most promise. The potential investment property has to meet our high standards before we make any decisions.

Our general process includes:

  • Acquiring properties in a B or C market
  • Adding amenities and upgrading the property
  • Renting out the property at market value
  • Selling the property after roughly three-to-five years
You can expect payments during our rental stage. Contact us today to ask any questions about our overall process.